Our Services

Photography & Cinematic Films

We are a team of passionate and experienced photographers and cinematographers who challenge their own excellence and thrives to make every wedding different.

Our photography is a mix of artistic and photo-journalistic style. We capture moments you are barely aware of and you hardly notice. Later on those moments becomes your priceless treasure. And videos take you through an emotional yet delightful journey which makes you relive those moments all over gain giving you a feeling as if it all happened just yesterday. We roll the cameras at the right moments for the memories to lasts for generations.

From excitement to nervousness, smile to tears, since wedding is all about those countless emotions and beautiful moments, we try to keep it as simple and real as we can. Making sure we do not miss a glimpse of anything.

We at Confetti Films froze the moments of two souls uniting and encapsulate it in photographs and films.

So let us make your special day a memorable one and let this Love, Shoot & Romance continues.

Pre wedding

Pre wedding is a bundle of joy, excitement, nervousness all captured in pictures and videos.

It is an opportunity for couples to express their feelings and getting to know each other more closely. It is a time to have fun, discuss your life ahead and get comfortable with each other.

We get involved from their selection of dress to location to make up to their hair style, making sure they look their best on their most important day. We strive to give them a day filled with memories.